Halibut fishing update

by ryno on October 25, 2011

I went out with a friend last night for a couple hours in search of halibut.  We have been hearing a few reports of some bigger fish just outside of town and felt like doing some jigging.  We did not find any halibut, but did find some nice yelloweye rockfish.  We fished anywhere from 115 feet down to about 340 feet.  All we did was jig.  No anchoring with bait.  This is why our season is summertime!  The halibut have been hit hard by the commercial fleet close to town recently as their season draws to a close.  We are starting to get a little rougher weather and that makes it tougher to find fish and stay on them day to day this time of year.  We start to get a pattern of a beautiful flat day followed by a week of 35+ kt winds.  We are actually getting hit with storm force winds by tomorrow.

Salmon fishing has slowed a bit with most people targeting them at terminal areas.  There are still plenty of coho’s to be taken as some systems have sustained runs through Christmas.  Trolling or casting lures near rivermouths has been productive for most part.

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