Ketchikan Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters



Welcome to Alaska, to Ketchikan, to Fishing Charters at their finest. Known as the salmon capital of the world, Ketchikan really is a world class fishing destination!  Huge numbers of Pacific salmon return to our waters each year and Ketchikan has many great charter fishing opportunities throughout the summer.  All 5 species of Pacific Salmon roam our waters.  They are: King Salmon (Chinook, blackmouth, spring), Coho Salmon (Silver), Chum Salmon (Dog, Keta), Pink Salmon (humpback, humpy), and Sockeye Salmon (Red).  Would you prefer to tackle some white meat?  Try your hand at a HALIBUT FISHING CHARTER! Large numbers of Halibut enter our waters following the Salmon as Salmon are a prime food source for Halibut.  While on your Halibut Fishing Charter in Ketchikan, we also run into Ling Cod, Pacific Cod, and a wide Variety of Rockfish.  Halibut Fishing can be quite a wrestling match.  Most Halibut caught on fishing charters are between 15-40lbs, but Halibut do have the chance of growing very large.  The biggest Halibut caught on a fishing charter  is 459lbs.  Halibut are an exceptional tasting fish as well.  There are so many ways to prepare Halibut, it would be tough to find a more versitile fish.  Salmon fishing and Halibut fishing in Ketchikan is great for another reason…access.  We have very short runs to excellent fishing grounds and even our guests arriving by cruise ship have a great chance at catching Salmon or Halibut. If you would like to book one of our Ketchikan Fishing Charters, whether a Salmon Fishing Charter or a Halibut Fishing CharterCONTACT US and check availability on your date.  Many of the top boats in town book early, so don’t take a chance at losing your private fishing charter!

Our all day/multi day guests enjoy our different approach to Ketchikan fishing charters.  Rather than owning a lodge and having you dine on a set menu, you have options.  With so many places available for lodging in Ketchikan, we help design your vacation.  Would you like to save money on lodging? Would you rather eat a meal that you feel like ordering?  That is the beauty of our all day fishing charters.  You can book the all inclusive lodging, or stay at a vacation rental, cook your food or dine at a local restaurant, and it costs less than the traditional lodge stay.  We leave you plenty of options to design your perfect Alaska fishing adventure.  Our all day charters are a combo of Salmon fishing and Halibut fishing.  This can mean alot of work reeling in fish!

If you are arriving by cruise ship and would like to book a Ketchikan fishing charter, here are some great reasons to fish with us:

* Personal service: Book directly with the owner/captain.

* Owner operated: you will be fishing with the experienced owner of the boat.

* Pick up/Return right at the ship: No bus, van, or taxi rides.

* Fish Processing:  You get to keep what you catch and have it shipped home.

* Private Fishing Charters:  The boat is for your group only. Nobody is added to your group.

* Licensed, Insured, and Guarantee on time return to the ship.

* Vessel exceeds USCG safety standards.

* Top of the line electronics (to find fish), and top of the line fishing gear (to fight fish)


They say a picture is worth a thousand words…


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Ketchikan halibut fishing charters
Ketchikan salmon and halibut fishing charters