Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) A.K.A. Humpy.

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Pink salmon are the smallest and most abundant salmon species.  They show up in Ketchikan in massive numbers.  Our salmon fishing charters in Ketchikan that target pinks typically see more action than any other type of fishing.  As a fishing guide, it can be hard to keep up with these 3-8 lb feeding machines.  Multiple hookups are at times the norm rather than just a possibility.  When a school is found, the bite can be amazing.  These fish feed so aggressively that many times as the bait is being sent down, it will get hit.  Even being a smaller fish, a limit of 6 per person can really help fill a freezer.  Pinks have a mild flavor and make a great smoked fish.  They are the only salmon with visibly smaller scales than all the others.  Pinks are harvested commercially around Ketchikan primarily to become canned salmon and shipped all over the world.  Sport fishing charters in Ketchikan use artificial baits to target these fish.  Flashers and vinyl squid called hoochies are the most popular.  It is not uncommon for the boat to limit out on pinks while they are in…primarily mid July to mid August.  The bellies of pink salmon are commonly used as halibut bait by commercial fishermen and sport fishermen alike as they have a high content of oil in them.  Pink salmon fishing in Ketchikan is a great fishery to bring children on as there is typically a ton of action for them to enjoy without the emmense fight of a King Salmon.  Pinks are quite a riot for adults as well, as their soft mouths can make them tricky to land, and you must not horse them to the boat.  If you would like more info or want to book your Ketchikan fishing charter, contact us today!