Coho Salmon

Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus Kisutch)  A.K.A Silver Salmon




Coho salmon show up in great numbers in and around Ketchikan.  We have a good early run beginning July 1st that tapers off, and then rebounds in late August and runs through October.  They are targeted with cut plug herring, spoons, hoochies, and spinners.  Coho schools tend to move…alot!  They are very aggressive and are constantly looking for their next meal.  As a guide, we must be on our “A” game day in and day out to find these fish.  During a trip, your “hot spot” may move miles from where you hit your first fish.  This means figuring out the general direction that the salmon are traveling, and staying on top of them.  Coho are excellent eating and great fighters.  By the time some people get to a rod, a Coho has run away from the boat, back at the boat, and are in mid air trying to throw the hook.  Very erratic, some Coho fights seem to be 50% in the water and 50% putting on an airshow!  They pull hard and know a load of tricks to get a hook out of their mouth.  Coho salmon fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska is primarily done by trolling.  They have a broad range in the water column as we fish them from the surface down to 80 feet or more at times.  Saltwater Coho Salmon average 6-10 lbs with that number going up toward the latter part of the season.  We catch a lot of 12-14 lb fish, and occasionally run into a school holding some aggressive 20+ lb brutes!  At very specific times of the year, we run a night bite for these fish right in town.  They will aggressively feed right before sunset, and that makes for some great fishing action.  Contact Us today to learn more about timing, availability, or to book your Ketchikan Salmon fishing charter!