Moose hunting…almost.

by ryno on November 24, 2012

We had a great year of charter fishing this year. Now it is time for hunting. We went to Delta Junction and made an attempt to moose hunt. I never thought that I would actually say that we almost went moose hunting. It’s funny that pretty much the only thing that messes up our fishing in Ketchikan is weather, and having to do with how rough the water gets. Well, the water got us again. In the unit that we are allowed to hunt, you must cross the big Delta River. The three weeks that preceded us going up there had been in the single digits or below zero. I figured this would make the river passable but I was sorely wrong. Although near the banks had been frozen the main channel of the river was still pushing just as hard as it usually does. We could not cross the river and get into the unit so that is why we almost went moose hunting. Our journey however was filled with many moose and caribou sightings. It was enough to drive us nuts to see all the moose on the hill across the river and to have ones that were in photo range of our cell phone cameras. In three days we saw 40 to 50 moose that we could not take because they were in the wrong unit. It made me think of that old country song that said “Standing knee-deep in a river, and dying of thirst.” I’ve not had much of a chance to go out fishing in the saltwater in Kodiak, however we did make one trip that we did catch halibut, lingcod, and rockfish all while we were trolling for salmon.

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