Cruise Ship Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

by ryno on February 11, 2013

Who wants to go Salmon fishing!?  Halibut fishing!?  King Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, Coho Salmon….we run daily fishing charters in Ketchikan, Alaska for all of them.  May and June for King Salmon, July through Sept. for all other species.  Halibut fishing is good throughout our fishing season with the best fishing from mid June to the end of August.  Cruise ship passengers enjoy a better experience with us compared to booking on the cruise ship.  We offer private fishing charters for your group, one of the newest, fastest, and safest fishing charter boats in Ketchikan, and top of the line fishing tackle from manufacturers like Shimano and Lamiglas.  Booking through the cruise line?  You may encounter poorly maintained equipment.  When you start with cheap equipment and let simple maintenance and repairs slide, you end up with drags that do not work properly, stripped gears, and ultimately lost fish.  How about a “charter boat” that has little or no electronics on it?  There is a reason we run top of the line electronics…to find and target FISH!!!  There is a standing saying between myself and the boats I work with.  You can miss a fish by a foot, or miss him by a mile…you still miss him.

When this kind of activity is below you, it helps to know.  Many boats and small skiffs are allowed to be booked through the cruise lines, and for many of them, the only part of this that they will see, is you reeling in your fish!  Don’t go “hunting” for fish…come with us on an educated fishing trip where catch rates are high. We have dependable spots that produce quality fish…and if a spot is not hitting, WE WILL WORK TO FIND FISH!  We will not sit on one halibut spot that is dead for the entire charter.  None of our boats promote laziness, as we are all experienced and active fishermen.  Most of the operators for the cruise lines do not own the boats.  Most are not allowed to go fishing on their day off with the boat they run.  This adds up to a general lack of knowledge when it comes to having multiple fishing spots.  They go to the same place as the large congregation of boats and operate a charter based on chance rather than knowledge.  Do not risk your fishing trip by booking the unknown.  Book a charter boat that is 24′ or larger. Book a boat that has up to date electronics.  Book a boat that offers top of the line fishing gear.  Book a charter that you can speak directly with the captain of the boat.   WE OFFER ALL OF THIS! We offer private boats at prices that beat the cruise lines, and on boats that will not leave you feeling cramped.  Contact us today for more information or to book your Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Charter or Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Charter!

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