Weather is still ugly!

by ryno on December 31, 2011

We arrived back in Sitka to a small bit of snow, and it has turned into a big mass!  This is what seems to be our 4 year rotation of more “severe” weather.  This summer in Ketchikan was extremely windy and that made fishing extremely difficult at times.  Trolling for salmon had an added degree of difficulty as the wind will try to push the boat over the gear.  When you combine that with the very large tides in and around Ketchikan, it makes me have to work even harder to ensure a successful charter.  Halibut fishing becomes tough as well when the wind and current are opposing.  Sitting in one place is nearly impossible.  Speaking of halibut, it sounds like we are going to have a better bag limit than the ridiculous cap placed on our charter guests last year.  Charter clients only caught about 50% of the halibut quota last year.  The 37″ size limit was the most off the wall limit I have experienced and it is plain to see that the commercial guys are playing the feds like a puppet and getting everything they want.  There are things that you can do, and if you would like to do something to help your limits in Alaska as a paying charter client, contact us and we can steer you in the right direction.

We broke the snow level record in November, and continue to get more.  The wind is blowing about 50 mph tonight as it has for much of the fall and going into winter.  I have high hopes that this summer we will return to our normal, beautiful, flat water conditions and be able to run anywhere we want to catch fish!  Contact Us today to reserve your “REEL ESTATE”!!!

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