Winter hunting

by ryno on December 5, 2011

Yesterday, I finally got the boat back in the water! We had record snow for the month of November, and that made it near impossible to tow Outcast.  Halibut fishing, salmon fishing, NO!  Not this time.  It is the final month of deer hunting and that was our target.  We left the dock to do some “Alaskan road hunting” at about 8 am.  We had 2 deer down, cleaned, and loaded by 9 am.  Up here, hunting from the water can be very productive.  The deer come down to the beach to feed on the grass and that makes them easy to spot.  The trick is that state law requires you not shoot from the boat.  Once spotted, shooters must be dropped off down the beach, and walk in on the deer.  Just like any other deer hunting situation, wind direction, noise, and being spotted may be detrimental to your hunt.  As we continued about 45 minutes out of town, the deer came out in full force.  We went round and round in Fish Bay, and the deer just kept appearing.  We took the other two from there and headed back home.

I get asked throughout the summer what we fishing guides do in the winter, and here it is! While on charter in Ketchikan, I am asked a ton of questions as Alaska is still the last frontier, and there is still much curiosity about  this place.  If you are curious about fishing up here, contact us for more info or to book your trip!

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