Ketchikan Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing Charters

by ryno on February 6, 2012

At the Sacramento ISE, we had great interest from those taking an Alaska cruise this year!  Many people are learning that booking through the cruise lines is more expensive, and no more guaranteed to return you to your ship on time!  Yes, we guarantee you will be back to your ship on time!  With the halibut fishing rules getting better this year, and our high returns of salmon year after year, we are taking many early bookings!  Popular ships are the Diamond Princess, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Star, and Norwegian Jewel, Disney Wonder, and many of the Holland America ships as well.  Most of these ships are in town long enough for our 6 hour fishing charter to target salmon or halibut.  All of the ships that come to Ketchikan are in port plenty long to take our popular 4 hour salmon charter.  Salmon are typically very close to town and that means short runs, and plenty of fishing time!  Large halibut may once again be retained this year after the horrible decision by the feds to hold us to a 37″ fish last year.  We look forward to taking some halibut fishing trips to look for these barn doors!   We still have some prime dates for king salmon fishing as well.  Last year, we had some great king salmon fishing,  and this year should be excellent as well!  If you are coming up on an Alaska cruise, or would like to stay in town and take a multi-day fishing charter, please contact us and we will help design your trip!


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