Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Charters

by ryno on February 8, 2012

For halibut fishing this year, we got an improvement in our size restrictions.  Last year, the federal government put a 37″ maximum size on halibut in Southeast Alaska which includes Ketchikan.  The rule was an obvious “take that” move to the charter fleet as the feds care only for commercial fishing.  The commercial halibut fishermen pay an automatic tax at the dock that goes to the federal government…and they like that.  What they turn a blind eye to is the disgusting amount of halibut waste in some of the commercial fisheries, and for good reason.  If they tried to penalize the trawl fleet for throwing dead halibut overboard, they would lose all that money in pollock that makes fish sticks, fillet-o-fish sandwiches, and other fast food trash.  Well, after filling only half of the charter quota in 2011, they gave two groups a break…the fishing charter operators, and you…the American citizens that are the real “owners” of the resource.  This year, we will be allowed a reverse slot limit on halibut…up to 45″ and over 68″ may be retained.  This mean you can keep 1 halibut…up to 43lbs or over 163lbs.  Still not an ideal way to have things run, but better than last years limit.  There is absolutely no reason we should not be fishing for halibut at 2 per day any size like we were 5 years ago, but this is a measurable start to regaining our fair sportfishing limits.  For now, we will continue to offer the finest fishing charter options in Ketchikan, AK and keep our customers happy trip after trip!


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