Ketchikan Fishing Charters

by ryno on March 7, 2012

I am sooooo ready to get out and fish.  The last three weeks have been filled with snow, ice, and wind making halibut and salmon fishing out of the question.  In the winter time, I keep the boat on the trailer, and it is nearly impossible to launch under the conditions.  Halibut should start showing up in large numbers to feed on the spawning herring.  King salmon have been rumored to be on the bite near the open ocean, but with 20+ ft seas, they are tough to target.  Our herring should be coming within the next few weeks, and that will be the time I load up on halibut fishing bait for this season.  The commercial fisheries for both halibut and herring begin soon, so good fishing is just around the corner.

Being off the water gives me a chance to work on the website and book trips.  I have had alot of visitors to the site lately and especially new visitiors.  Ketchikan cruise ship fishing charters, 4 hour , and 6 hour pages, along with the halibut fishing page have been popular.  Our halibut limits went back up considerably for 2012, and our salmon runs look strong as well.  This summer season should bring on some great fishing, and Ketchikan is the place to fish! We have very short runs to good fishing for those arriving by cruise ship, and plenty to fish for with our all day groups.  I have been getting a few calls about all day/multi day fishing, and I would suggest nailing down your dates. Charter boats are taking bookings, and filling thier seasons, but we do have room on some great blocks of 3-5 days left for your group.  June and early July typically fish great for both King Salmon, and Coho Salmon, and Halibut fishing is great then too.  If you are considering a trip, contact us, and we would be glad to answer any questions!

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