2 Months until we start our fishing season!

by ryno on March 12, 2013

I am getting very excited to head back South to Ketchikan!  I was born a fisherman, and built into a fishing guide.  I love to fish Ketchikan, and this time of year pulls in all directions.  Thinking ahead from logistics of shipping a vehicle from Kodiak to Ketchikan, getting myself down there, and getting the boat in top shape are some of the top of the list.  My other big task this time of year is keeping my website up to date so that you folks can find me.  Some of us “rough Alaskan” fishermen have built and maintain our own websites.  We “strain” over the keyboard throughout the winter to make sure we hit the search engines in the top spots.  This “fishing report” is one way to do that.  In fact, most people will not read beyond this, nor will they take the time to read much of the information on the rest of the website.  Most people know exactly what they want.  Ketchikan fishing charter, Ketchikan salmon fishing, Ketchikan halibut fishing, Ketchikan fishing guide…and the list goes on.  In fact, in the last month alone, there were 184 unique search phrases that hit the site.  Some were different just because “Ketchikan” is a spelling shot-in-the-dark to many people.  Ketchican is the most popular, but I have seen Ketscatchewan, Katchacan, Ketchinken, and even one of my competitors misspells it on his advertisements as Kethchikan!  Wow…you are still reading?  You must either be really interested in my complete blabbering, or really still looking for a reason to go salmon fishing or halibut fishing with this fishing guide in the Salmon Capital of the World, Ketchikan.  I cannot put it all into words.  I recommend looking over the site, look at the charter boat, look at the pictures of all the salmon and halibut from our cruise ship charters…oh my, cruise ship charters…that will be the next word bombing fishing report.  Look for it real soon!

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